Serious mobility issues? Don’t wait for a home visit to get vaccinated

Merton residents with mobility issues no longer have to wait for a home visit to get their COVID-19 vaccines. The Wilson Hospital and Nelson Health centre walk-in vaccination sites can now offer jabs while the resident sits in their car. 

They can bring a carer or associate who can notify the immunisation team inside, a member of the team will then come out and administer the vaccine to the patient in the comfort of their own car.

Anyone aged 16+ can attend one of the walk-in sessions that take place every day in the borough. So, even if you are not sure about having the vaccine, please come along and talk to a member of staff to get answers to your questions.   

We will only give second doses of either vaccine if it has been at least 8 weeks since your first dose. Please do not ask staff to break this guidance.