Merton Council has promised to deliver better bus travel for all by pledging itself to a Bus Quality Commitment. This is an informal agreement between the Council and London Buses to improve services in the borough.

The council has already started to make improvements through the introduction of reliability measures on a number of popular routes, including the modification of bus stops to allow easy boarding of accessible buses, bus Lanes and bus stop clearways.

The London Borough of Merton’s Commitment will also seek more sites with Countdown, environmentally cleaner, low floor, wheel chair accessible buses and more effective parking enforcement at problem locations.

A spokesperson from the Council said: ‘We welcome this opportunity to work in partnership with London Buses to enhance service provision throughout the borough. Buses make a major contribution to the vitality of London boroughs. A recent survey suggested that in a typical shopping centre bus was the second most widely used form of travel after walking. In Merton, good interchange between and within modes is critical for the development of safe, reliable and convenient public transport services, with a knock-on effect which benefits all members of the public.’