Merton Council has carried out a full consultation of residents over Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) in Raynes Park. They have circulated a consultation leaflet and a reply paid card to assess the needs and demands for parking following requests from residents. As a result of resident requests, the closing date for the card replies has been extended to March 15 2001. A report presenting the results of this consultation will be presented to committee on 17 April 2001 for a decision to proceed further.

The proposals are being designed in full consultation with local residents and businesses. The CPZs aim to reduce and control all day non-essential parking and improve the environment by regulating the number of parked vehicles in the area and increasing safety for pedestrians and motorists. They also aim to make parking easier for residents, their visitors and essential business users as well as to encourage rail commuters to park in their own local car parks.

In addition an exhibition has been held in February the area on two separate days and there have also been a number of meetings held in with local residents and businesses. In making a decision members will take note of all views and the majority support for or against the zone.

Richard Rawes, Director for Environmental Services said: “Initial consultation has been designed to seek the views of local residents and businesses. The Council has always maintained that a scheme would be developed through consultation to ensure that we meet the views of local residents and businesses.”