Two areas in the borough have been earmarked for regeneration and redevelopment following the approval of planning briefs by Merton Council.

At a meeting of the Executive Committee in March, members gave the go ahead for Belgrave Walk Station and 21 Eastfields Road, Mitcham to become sites for redevelopment when they passed both planning briefs.

Planning briefs are drawn up as part of the council’s drive to promote appropriate redevelopment schemes and regenerate the borough by attracting investment, especially from developers that will generate employment.

They also include lists of improvements and community benefits that the council will expect to be addressed in any future development.

The briefs give an opportunity for developers to come up with innovative and exiting ways to give areas a complete facelift within certain guidelines. It is hoped areas with planning briefs will be back in action within three to five years of a brief being approved.

Currently, the 0.3 hectares Eastfields Road site is occupied by a vacant house, 40 lock-up garages and an area of open space. The Planning brief states any redevelopment should include up to 30 properties, a fully equipped children’s play area, parking and communal open spaces.

The Belgrave Walk Station site was formally used as a construction site for the Croydon Tramlink and covers an area of one hectare. The council would like to see the site developed as business units.

Councillor Su Assinen, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, said: “The briefs were passed on these two sites and we hope to receive many interesting proposals in the coming years as they both have a great deal of potential.”