In the last financial year (2000/2001) Merton council has managed to reduce the amount of money owed to it. The total value of council invoices was almost £22 million for services including commercial rents, refuse charges and housing benefit overpayments. However a more pro-active approach has meant that a staggering £22.7 million has been removed from the money owed to the Council.

The new pro active approach, which was introduced in mid 2000 promotes chasing debts quicker, more regular contact, the use of external bailiffs as well as taking appropriate legal action to recover monies due. A new computer system, which will be implemented at the end of 2001, will further streamline the system, and make it harder for those not wishing to pay to avoid payment.

For people who are having difficulty repaying any debt they have, arrangements can be made with Merton Money Advice Service for debt advice including an assessment of their income and expenditure, which will be taken into account when determining a realistic repayment plan.

If you are having difficulty paying please contact Merton’s Arrears Recovery Team on 020 8545 3549.


PRESS CONTACT – Kirstin Rowan