Council Registrar to marry at Merton’s Register Office

Merton’s registrar will wed boyfriend at Morden Park House

If you asked a room full of brides-to-be to vote on their preferred choice of wedding venue, the “Get married at work” show of hands would perhaps be a bit sparse.

So when the London Borough of Merton’s Registrar, Gemma Cox, decided she was going to tie the knot at Morden Park House, where she marries more than 900 couples every year, a few eyebrows must have been raised.

Gemma explained: “I’d have gone to Las Vegas given half the chance. But, the children wanted the wedding to be closer to home so it was easier for family and friends to come.”

Gemma is set to marry her partner of two years, local chandelier specialist Andrew Travers, on 25 August at the beautifully refurbished 18th Century Hall in front of their six children from previous marriages and more than 100 guests.

“We started planning the wedding early in the year and what started out as a very small affair has turned into a big event as everybody seems to want to come.” Said Gemma.

Guests are traveling in from around the UK and as far a field as Switzerland to see the couple, who met playing boyfriend and girlfriend in an amateur dramatic show three years ago.

Gemma’s colleagues at Morden Park House have got behind her to help her plan the special day. On the day they’ll be making sure everything runs smoothly before turning into guests for the reception and one of Gemma’s former workmates, Mike Cooper, is even coming out retirement to conduct the service.

Gemma said: “I’ve promised I won’t be late. Late brides are the bane of our lives. It’s really weird being on the other side of a wedding. You just end up worrying about everything. All my colleagues have been great though, I’m the one who goes on about it all the time. They must be really fed up with it.”

Gemma’s two daughters, Kathy, 16, and Laura, 18, will be bridesmaids for the 30-minute service. The happy couple will have to wait until October for a honeymoon though as Gemma is so busy at the moment marrying other couples.

Asked if she would recommend marrying at work to other brides, Gemma said: “I would if they all worked at Morden Park House as well. It’s just a beautiful setting and the staff are so helpful, there’s not a nicer Register Office in London.”

While the venue’s appearance is guaranteed to be splendid, Gemma is keeping her fingers crossed about the groom.

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