Can we build it-yes we did!

Merton’s schools’ summer building programme is a success

Merton Council’s School Reorganisation programme has successfully moved another step closer to completion with Phase One of the Primary School Building Programme now drawing to a close.

The summer months were a challenging and busy time for Merton schools but with excellent teamwork all the Borough’s Primary schools were up and running on, or before Monday 10 September.

Children and parents were welcomed back from the summer break by new and improved facilities and only one school was slightly delayed in opening.

Merton Schools Reorganisation Team consider that Phase One of the primary build has been a huge success that paves the way for Phase Two and the completion of the Primary building works.

Councillor Danny Connellan, Cabinet Member for Schools Reorganisation, said: “This is a wonderful example of how co-operation between schools, building contractors and Merton Council is providing real improvements for the children of Merton.”