Plough Lane Bridge to undergo essential work

Bridge constructed more than 100 years ago needs replacing

Merton Council is to carry out essential maintenance work to replace the deck and foundations of Plough Lane Bridge and is asking road users to find alternative routes as delays are expected.

The existing bridge, built in 1883, is unable to carry heavy lorries and a weight restriction has been in force for many years.

A multi-phase operation will see high voltage electrical cables, that run along the bridge, moved and the deck of the bridge replaced in two stages. The works are scheduled to start in January 2002 and be completed by Spring 2003.

During this time traffic will be able to pass over the bridge in a single lane controlled by signals. However, delays will be inevitable and the Council advises that road users may wish to consider using other routes or even alternative means of transport while the necessary work is in progress.

Councillor Russell Makin Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “As residents will know, Plough Lane Bridge is part of a very important, and extremely busy, traffic route into Merton from neighbouring Wandsworth.

“At the moment, it is unable to take HGVs and is in urgent need of repair to fulfil its role as a main link to the borough. The operation is complicated and lengthy as high voltage electrical cables have to be moved first before work on the bridge can start.

“Obviously this work will cause disruption to the traffic flow and I am appealing to local residents and road users for their patience and understanding while the essesential work is carried out.

“While the work is in progress we will make every effort to keep traffic moving over the bridge as quickly as possible and to keep disruption down to a minimum.”