Merton meets Milton to discuss School Reorganisation

Borough officers brief councillors in Milton Keynes

Members from Merton’s School Reorganisation and School Effectiveness teams recently took part in a Milton Keynes Council meeting to share their experiences with the Schools Reorganisation project.

Milton Keynes invited the Merton officers to attend an Overview and Scrutiny Panel as it is currently considering whether to change the age of transfer within its education system and is facing many of the decisions Merton faced four years ago.

The Buckinghamshire town currently has a Middle and Combined school system which is now out of line with the National Curriculum’s Key Stages and the teams from Merton told the elected members about the borough’s experience with Schools Reorganisation, covering a wide range of issues.

Josephine Mahaffey, Head of Schools Reorganisation, said: ‘It was nice to be invited and we are pleased that the information we gave them will help them make an informed decision.

‘Although we have come a long way with the project and are able to look back at what we have achieved in the last two years, we never forget there is always something more to learn.

‘The councillors at Milton Keynes thanked us for attending and we are glad to have been of help.’