Watch out for new ward in coming elections

Merton is updating its ward boundaries

Merton Council is reviewing and updating the ward boundaries in the borough following approval from central government.

Currently two or three councillors are elected by residents to represent each ward in Merton. This will change to three councillors for every ward and will also mean each councillor represents a similar number of people.

The changes to the boundaries follow a review by the Local Government Commission that was approved by Parliament last year and will come into force for the council elections on 2 May. These are the elections for the full council that happen once every four years.

Polling stations and the designated streets in each ward that will use an individual station, called polling districts, have also been reviewed. Political parties, councillors, and residents? and other local groups are currently being consulted and the issue will go before the council on 13 February. These proposals are available in each library.

Once approved, a revised register of electors and the new boundaries will be published and all homes in the borough will be sent information on their new wards and where their new polling station will be.

The register will also show who is registered to vote. If anyone has recently moved, or their names have been missed off, they will have until 12 March to get their names added on in time for 2 May. A form to do this will also be sent out.

For further information contact Merton Electoral Services on 8545 3407 or email