Tenants vote to stay with Merton

Immediate Release
Item Number 153/02

Merton’s Housing tenants and leaseholders have voted to stay with the council in the ballot on whether or not to transfer the housing to Merton Housing Partnership (MHP).

Every secure tenant and leaseholder in the borough had the opportunity to vote on the future of Merton housing in a ballot that ran from 8 July to 29 July and the result announced today shows 52 per cent of tenants and 55 per cent of leaseholders were in favour of remaining with the council rather than MHP, the new RSL, becoming their new landlord. The respective turnout figures were 65.5 per cent and 52.7per cent.

Merton’s Housing team will continue providing an effective and efficient service with the resources available and plan to invest £25 million during the next five years to improve homes.

Leader of the Council, Councillor Andrew Judge, said: “Tenants and leaseholders have spoken and they have said they wish to remain with the council.

“We will honour that decision and will endeavour to improve the quality of our homes and raise the level of service.

“The important point about this ballot is that tenants and leaseholders exercised their free will and have chosen not to adopt this new system.”

Roger Paine, Chief Executive of Merton Council, said: “We have now come to the end of the ballot process in Merton and the tenants and leaseholders have voted for the homes to stay with the council.

“I would like to thank everyone who took part in the ballot and becoming part of the decision-making process.”