Something Fishy Going On

Merton working to save pond life

Merton Council is working with the Environment Agency to save fish in the lake on Cannon Hill Common.

The fish are dying due to a lack of oxygen in the water. This has happened because the pond, which was man made over a hundred years ago, has no natural spring which would oxygenate the water. The council will undertake a program of weed planting to keep the water fresh for the future.

The Environmental Agency is helping the Council to resolve the problem by pouring Hydrogen Byroxcide into the lake.

Chris Mountford, Merton’s Facilities Manager, said: “We value the biodiversity of our lakes and will do the utmost to ensure they have the best chance to thrive and flourish. The measures we are taking with the Environment Agency should resolve the problem and make sure the lakes are healthy for the community to enjoy.”

The Environment Agency are helping Merton as part of their Urban Fisheries Programme, the treatment will be paid for by them.