Merton school kids go bananas – for free!

From 4 December, fresh apples, pears, bananas and easy-peel citrus fruits will be offered to children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 to encourage a healthier diet and lifestyle.

Participating schools will receive three weekly deliveries of fresh fruit, organised centrally by the Department of Health, to be distributed at any time of the day, except lunchtime.

The scheme, launched by the Department of Health, was successfully piloted in the West Midlands and will eventually cover the whole country in an effort to improve the health of the population. London is the second region to be involved in the scheme.

At a briefing session in Merton, a video of the pilot scheme was viewed which provided loads of useful tips for school representatives. For example, children learnt about hygiene and taking responsibility by being encouraged to help wash the fruit before eating.

Other tips provided in a curriculum pack being developed by the National team includes using fruit-sharing to reinforce learning in maths, learning about a healthy diet in science and recycling by composting the leftover peel and cores.

Many children eat almost no fruit from day to day. It is believed this scheme has the potential to encourage thousands of children to get a little nearer to eating the recommended “5 a Day” portions of fruit and vegetables.

For further information about the scheme please contact Vanessa Cooper Healthy Schools Coordinator on 0208 288 5630.

Photo opportunities can be organised as requested.