Council steps in to manage West Barnes Estate

Merton Council has taken action that has resulted in the suspension of a Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) and its committee. This has been done with the consent of members of the management committee.

The TMO committee is made up of four residents of West Barnes Estate who were elected to manage the caretaking, cleaning and grounds maintenance of the 422 homes on the estate in 1997.

Merton’s Housing Services have now taken over the responsibility for ensuring these services and the staff employed to deliver these services continue.

Director of Housing & Social Services, Rea Mattocks, said: “We set very high standards to make sure the best services possible are delivered to residents and one of the ways we do this is by undertaking regular checks and audits.

“The actions of the Council that lead to the suspension of the TMO were as a result of an audit. Until the resolution of this matter we are unable to make any further comment.

“However, we will ensure that services continue to be provided through the management of our housing department.”

“Any residents who would like further information about the service provision can call the Wimbledon District Housing office on 020 8545 4577.”



Note to Editors:

The West Barnes Tenants Management Organisation is a committee of local residents given responsibility to run Housing services on the Council’s West Barnes Estate on behalf of the Council.