Planning Wins has Merton Council at Top of the Table

The proportion of appeals dismissed by the Merton Planning Department is over 80 percent compared to an average of 65 percent, making it the top-performing borough in all of London.

Steve Clark, Head of Planning and Public Protection, said this result is a reflection of Merton’s dedication to the improvement in living standards in the borough.

“This has particularly come to light in a recent court case in which we were successful,” said Mr Clark.

“A block of flats were converted into a single house in the borough despite the owners planning application being refused, following which they appealed against the refusal.

“As the conversion of the property had already taken place, the Planning Inspector who heard the Appeal, ruled against the Council.

“However, the Council challenged this outcome and the High Court overruled this decision, stating that the Planning Inspector should not over rule the Council just because the development had already been completed.

“We are very pleased with this decision as it emphasizes the need to obtain planning permission before starting a development.


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