Mayor of Merton launches the Peoples Network

Mayor of Merton, Councillor Maxi Martin, officially launched The People’s Network in Morden library on Wednesday 5 June. Giving free access to computers and the internet to all Merton’s residents.

The People’s Network is the Government led initiative to give everyone in the UK access to the internet and online services. Merton Library & Heritage Service have obtained 115 computers from the New Opportunities Fund, installed across Merton’s seven libraries and Heritage Centre.

Councillor Maxi Martin said:

“Computers are an increasingly important aspect of all of our lives, yet many people do not have access or know how to use them. By having free access to computers in all of our libraries, we are able to provide an un-intimidating and informal learning environment where everybody – young or old, rich or poor, computer literate or not – can use or learn to use computers and thus to participate in the information society through e-government, e-mails and online learning.”

Since the installation of the People’s Network all the libraries are providing free access to facilities such as Internet, e-mail and Office software. Each library has one computer specially targeted for the people with disabilities. These computers are also loaded with software for converting text to speech and screen magnifying facilities. Children have not been forgotten either with each library having dedicated filtered children’s terminals.


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