Merton’s borough plan

Modifications to Merton’s Unitary Development Plan (UDP) have been published and consultation will take place from 16 June – 28 July 2003.

Merton’s UDP was adopted in 1996 to provides a framework for development of land, development control and conservation over the next ten years. Its aim is to give a clear statement of the Council’s policies and proposals for development and land use.

The council is now in the closing stages of reviewing the Plan. The Inspectors report into Merton’s UDP was published last autumn and the Council has now considered the Inspector’s recommendations for changing the planning policy. As a result Merton is proposing a number of modifications to the Plan.

Three documents will be published to explain the changes and the reasons behind them, as part of a public consultation that will last six weeks from Monday 16 June 2003 to 28 July 2003. The public can object or support any of the proposed modifications and make objections to the Council’s failure to accept a recommendation the Inspector has made.

The Council will consider any objections made and decide whether it is necessary to hold a further inquiry. Any further modifications will be advertised. If no further modifications are required after the consultation period has expired, the Council will give notice of their intention to adopt the Plan as Council policy.

The UDP documents can be viewed for free at the Borough’s libraries, at Merton Link (ground floor, Merton Civic Centre, London Road, Morden), or on the Council’s website Alternatively the documents can be purchased as a package for £10 Merton residents (£15 inc. p& p), and £20 for non residents (£25 inc. p& p). To buy your copy contact the Council’s Plans & Projects team on 020 8545 3041 or email