Students learn the three R’s – Reduce, reuse and recycle

Students from Ricards Lodge High School have been learning the importance of recycling and minimising waste this term by participating in the RMC Greenlink project.

The project was organised by Groundwork Merton in partnership with Merton Council and supported by RMC Environment Fund, to inspire young people to take action on waste in their school, home and community.

As part of the project students took part in their own ‘Waste Minimisation Week’ that focussed on the problem of waste in their school and local environment. Merton Council’s Waste Minimisation Officer and Groundwork Merton’s Education Co-ordinator held workshops during the week to educate the students on the problems.

As part of the initiative an inter-form competition was held with a prize of £100 for the winning form. Each form in the school elected an Environmental Representative to present ideas relating to how the school could minimise more waste.

The Environment Representatives also visited Thames Waste Management’s Beddington Landfill Site and were given a tour of the site by Rob Green, Business Relations Coordinator. This gave them the opportunity to witness the impact society’s modern lifestyle has on the environment first hand.

For more information on Recycling and Waste Minimisation contact Merton Council’s Waste Minimisation Office, Jocelyn Sekibo, on 020 8545 3472. For further information on RMC Greenlink please contact Corrie Pegg, Education Co-ordinator for Groundwork Merton on 020 8540 5533.