Sustainable vision for future of college site

Merton Council is promoting a sustainable development for the Merton College site in Central Road, Morden, after the planning brief for the site was approved.

The Merton College site will be one of the largest development sites in the borough when the college relocates to a new site on London Road at Morden Park. The planning brief is intended to provide guidance to future developers on the Council’s requirements for a sustainable development at the site.

The Council carried out public consultation on the draft planning brief in February 2003. It was one of the largest public consultation exercises ever undertaken on a planning brief. For the first time public responses could be completed and submitted directly on-line on the council’s website.

Overall a positive response was received and responses were broadly representative of the local community. There was widespread support for new environmentally friendly features such as:
– Reduced car use
– High standards of energy efficiency
– New ecological areas
– Conservation of water and other resources.

However it was not possible to reserve part of the site for a church school, as some residents suggested, as the council statistics show that no additional school provision is required in the borough.

The approved brief promotes a high quality environmental development benefiting the wider community. The brief is now Supplementary Planning Guidance to Merton’s UDP and will be used as a guide for the future development of the site. It features a range of new uses and a new local park at the site.

Steve Clark, Merton Council’s Head of Planning and Public Protection, said: “The planning brief is another example of our commitment to sustainable development and encouraging cutting-edge solutions to environmental problems.

“We are keen to see the site developed as one of the best examples of sustainable urban living in London. This is a real example of thinking globally and acting locally.

Copies of the approved planning brief and the Council’s responses to the consultation are available in Merton’s libraries or on the web site at:

Alternatively residents can purchase a copy of the planning brief for £11, or non-residents for £12.