Residents stick with TMO

Residents of a Mitcham housing estate have voted to continue having their services managed by a Tenant Management Organisation (TMO).

Glebe Court TMO was successful in a recent ballot to decide whether or not it should continue to provide various services including caretaking, cleaning, day to day repairs and rent arrears action for a further five years.

A massive 94 per cent of residents voted for the TMO to continue running the services and the ballot result, declared on Wednesday 25 July, confirmed that 89 per cent of Glebe Court residents cast a vote.

Glebe TMO Secretary Lucy Hedden said: ‘We are pleased to know that our residents appreciate the hard work and effort that goes into running a successful TMO. Our aim for the future is to keep Glebe Court a happy and pleasant place to live.’

Merton Council, Head of Housing, Paul Ryrie said: “This is a fantastic result and I would like to congratulate the committee and the staff at Glebe Court. It shows that residents of Glebe Court are still very happy with the way the TMO run the services.

“This is excellent news for resident involvement in Merton and we hope that other estates will learn from this good work at Glebe Court.”