Unity in the Community at Pollards Hill Youth Centre

El-Shaddai Outreach Ministries (ESOM) at Pollards Hill Youth Centre, in collaboration with Merton Youth Services and various youth organisations, would like to invite you to their forthcoming event on Saturday 19 July at Pollards Hill Youth Centre, South Lodge Avenue, Mitcham from 6.30 to 10pm.

“Unity In The Community” is a new and exciting venture that aims to reach out, unite and establish close relationships amongst churches, youth organisations and the youth within our community.

It offers a unique opportunity for churches and young people to interact, socialize with one another whilst enjoying light refreshments and the floor is opened to anyone who wishes to share their talents and gifts whether it be musical, poetic or dramatic and we as an organization recognize, support and encourage multi-cultural awareness and interaction.

In addition to this we also have various guest artists coming to support this event from a broad spectrum, from acappella- hip hop-dance to drama as well as keynote speakers ranging from Merton Youth Services to Mental Health, informing us of the issues facing our youth and we are sure that this will leave a lasting and fulfilling impression on our community.

This event is also being filmed and recorded by Afro Carribean Television (ACTV) who will also be giving their support to this project.

If you would like more information on the event please contact Pastor Leon Richardson on 0208 240 1318.