Going On Holiday?

It’s that time of year again when we all want to pack our bags, go on holiday and forget about everything back home. Caroline Ellis, MPAC Assistant Officer, is asking people not to forget about securing their home before they go on holiday and suggests following these simple, practical steps to keep your home safe and sound:

· Lock doors, windows and side gates when you leave.
· Keep ladders locked up or out of sight so they can’t be used to gain access to windows.
· If possible get someone to look after your home whilst away. They can make it looked lived in by drawing curtains, picking up mail, parking in your drive or even mowing the lawn!
· If you do leave keys with your neighbour, do not label them with your address.
· Don’t let people see into your home – you may want to put up net curtains. Where possible, keep valuables out of sight – you could hide them in a cupboard or wardrobe whilst you are away.
· Buy a timer switch and use it to turn on a light or your radio or TV, especially during the evenings when you would normally be at home.
· Royal Mail provides a ‘Keep Safe’ service to hold on to your post whilst you are on holiday so it doesn’t build up.
· If you haven’t given a key to your neighbour, leave them the phone number of a friend or relative that they can contact if there is a problem with your home whilst you are away.
· Cancel any milk or newspaper deliveries, including free papers.
· Make sure that your shed and garage are locked securely and any plants are trimmed back.
· Do not put your home address on your luggage when you are travelling to your holiday destination.

“If you follow this advice you can help deny burglars the opportunity and keep your house safe and sound whilst you are away” Caroline Ellis said.

Further information on crime prevention can be found at http://www.met.police.uk/crimeprevention
Or by contacting the Crime Prevention Unit at Wimbledon Police station on
020 8649 3249.

For information on Neighbourhood Watch schemes in Merton contact Sergeant Annette Anderson on 020 9649 4021

MPAC can be contacted on 020 8545 4720