Tamil-speaking interpreter to hold drop-in sessions at Merton Link

From the 2nd September, and the first Tuesday of every month through until December, a Tamil-speaking interpreter will hold a drop-in session in Merton Link, at the civic centre, from 10am to 4pm.

The service is being introduced to help Tamil speaking residents access Council services. Initially, this will be for a trial period of three months and only for Tamil. If this pilot is successful, the scheme will continue and other languages may be introduced.

Any information disclosed in the presence of the interpreters will remain confidential. The interpreter can be used to access any service you want on the day, including filling out forms. Representatives from both the Inland Revenue and the Citizens Advice Bureau will also be available on the same dates as the interpreter. Please note that the interpreter is only there to help you communicate with council staff – not to provide advice on any other issues.

The drop-in sessions are for non-urgent matters. If the matter is urgent, residents need to contact the Council or come to Merton Link to arrange an appointment. An interpreter will then be booked for individual cases.

The interpreter will be in the Link on 2 September, 7 October, 4 November and 2 December.


PRESS CONTACT – Kirstin Rowan – 020 8545 3483