Launch of Merton’s car club scheme


A new car sharing initiative to help ease congestion and parking problems is to be launched in the Borough. The London City Car Club will provide an alternative to owning a vehicle, by offering 24 hour access to cars parked in reserved parking spaces. Members of the scheme will be able to book cars over the phone, through the internet or from inside the cars and use them for as little as one hour or up to a few days.

Two new Car Club vehicles will be delivered to two dedicated parking bays or ‘car stations’ on Avebury Road in Wimbledon, a few minutes walk from Wimbledon train station and Dundonald Road Tram stop. Both cars will be fitted with an on-board computer, which allows members to use a smart card to access the cars and logs the duration of bookings and the number of miles travelled. This will be the first of a whole series of ‘car stations’ planned for the Borough.

The Car Club scheme is operated by Smart Moves Ltd with the support of the London City Car Club Consortium, comprising of seven London Boroughs including Brent, Camden, Ealing, Islington, Kensington & Chelsea, Lambeth and Merton. It is part-funded by Transport for London.

Car Club vehicles will be introduced into all of the seven boroughs to serve local residents and businesses. Ealing, Islington, Kensington and Merton are the next areas to have cars delivered; cars are already operating successfully in Camden, Kensington and Sutton.

Councillor Russell Makin, Merton Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport and Planning, said: “I welcome the launch of the first London City Car Club scheme in Merton and fully support the scheme, which aims to cut car usage in the Capital.

“I urge residents to join the scheme and make use of the cars, which will be based in Avebury Road in Wimbledon, a few minutes walk from Wimbledon train station and Dundonald Road Tram stop. If the scheme is successful we may consider introducing other bases in the Borough.”

Chris Harte, London City Car Club, Project Manager, said: “By joining the Club people can actively help to cut congestion, but they can still drive. Our experience has shown that our members have given up their first or second cars in favour of using the Car Club, one car club vehicle can replace up to five privately owned cars.”

A high profile launch event for the scheme will also take place in the Mayor of London’s Committee Room at City Hall in the afternoon of the 17th, to celebrate the opening