Disability? What disability?!

Sports and Leisure Day in Merton

As part of European Year of the Disabled, a Sports and Leisure open day for anybody with a physical disability or Sensory impairment will be held at Canons Leisure Centre in Mitcham this month. It will take place on Sunday 28 September, between 10.30am and 3.30pm.

The All Saints Centre, which is part of Merton Council, has teamed up with Canons Leisure Centre for the initiative that will hopefully open up doors to those who had previously felt sporting activities to be out of their grasp.

The array of activities available will be wide, and will include fencing, croquet, indoor bowls, swimming, archery, sailing and canoeing, shooting, skiing, yogacise and companion cycling. Some of these sports will be available to try, but there will be representatives from others, which will be run from locations nearby.

There will also be plenty of information available about the importance of sport and leisure in people’s lives, and also on the accessibility of other leisure centres around the borough.

For those who cannot use public transport, free minibuses will be in service to pick people up from their homes. To arrange this, or for any other information on the event, call the All Saints Centre on 020 8542 9587.