Questionnaire results show drug and alcohol use low amongst Merton schoolchildren

The results of a health related behaviour questionnaire, coordinated by Merton LEA, in various primary and secondary schools throughout the borough during 2003 show that there are low levels of drug and alcohol use amongst Merton’s school children.

The questionnaire aimed to collect information about young Merton residents’ lifestyles and included topics on Citizenship, healthy eating, homework, leisure and drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

Pupils filled out a questionnaire anonymously, according to their age group, which was then returned to the Schools Health education Unit in Exeter for processing.

Merton Drug and Alcohol Action Team are pleased to announce the following encouraging results relating to drug, alcohol and tobacco use:

12.5% more pupils in Merton said they had never smoked compared to national results.

36% fewer Merton pupils had an alcoholic drink in the last seven days compared with national figures.

20% fewer Merton pupils have been offered cannabis compared with national results.

If you need advice, information or support regarding drugs and alcohol you can talk to FRANK on 0800 77 66 00. FRANK is a free national 24hour helpline available 7 days a week.