Don’t bin your waste (documents)!

Merton Council’s commercial waste department now has the authority to demand to see waste management documentation, in an effort to ensure that waste is only disposed by authorised bodies. Non-compliance could result in fines up to £5,000.

The owners of commercial premises will be allowed ten days from when the notice is served to obtain copies of all written descriptions of waste and transfer notes for all loads of controlled waste produced at the premises. Within the ten-day period, these documents must be sent to the Merton Council’s commercial waste section to be checked.

The purpose of serving this notice is to make sure commercial premises pass their waste only to someone authorised, who can transport, recycle or dispose of the waste safely. Controlled waste includes household, industrial and commercial wastes.

It is a criminal offence for the owner not to send in the correct documents when requested. The fines could stretch even beyond £5,000 if the case goes to the Crown Court. All owners of commercial premises should therefore ensure they have written descriptions of waste and relevant transfer notes, keeping records of these for as long as two years.

Councillor Linda Kirby said, “This is a great move to ensure that local companies will act responsibly and dispose of their waste safely. This should have also an effect on the amount of fly-tipped rubbish in the borough.”

For more details or advice please call Merton’s Commercial Waste Team on 020 8545 4012.