Walk this way!

New boardwalk installed in nature reserve.

Walkers who enjoy visiting the Merton’s wildlife sites will be pleased about a new raised boardwalk that has been installed at Fishpond Wood Local Nature Reserve. This enhancement has been made possible by a partnership between Merton Council, London Wildlife Trust, The Norlands Foundation and English Nature’s Wildspace! scheme.

Fishpond Wood is a narrow site made up of sections of woodland and two ponds. The new boardwalk, which is 200 metres in length, is situated on a well-used stretch of path, which is prone to water logging in wet weather. As well as improving pedestrian access, the boardwalk will also help conserve wild plants. In the past bluebells, which are becoming increasingly uncommon, have been trampled when walkers veer off the footpath to avoid the waterlogged areas. The new boardwalk will mean that bluebells flourish and walkers keep their feet dry.

Wildspace! is a grant scheme run by English Nature, which involves local communities in the improvement, care and enjoyment of their local environment. English Nature is the Government’s wildlife adviser, and aims to protect and enhance England’s natural heritage, often by working in partnership with local authorities and community groups.

The Norlands Foundation was established to make grants out of funds paid to it under the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme. The Foundation’s principal activity is to make grants available for environmental projects and research activities.