Drug use amongst young people – the facts

Merton Drug and Alcohol Action Team have this week launched a campaign to publicise the facts about substance misuse amongst young people in Merton.

Posters have been put on bus shelters all over Merton showing that 16% of 15 year olds have used a drug in the last month. This means that 25% less of Merton’s young people have used a drug in the last month, compared with the national figure.

This low figure can be attributed to Merton’s successful Prevention and Education programme. According to recent research from the Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction, education and prevention works to reduce substance misuse amongst young people.

Merton’s Drug and Alcohol Action Team are continuing their education and prevention work with young people in the borough through schools and the local Youth Awareness Programme. This work takes the form of drugs education, counselling, outreach work and The Complete Drugs Course.

Nigel Eggleston, Manager of the Merton Youth Awareness Programme, said:

“I can’t stress enough how important education and prevention work is. Merton Youth Awareness Programme give young people the facts and information about substance misuse to enable them to make healthy lifestyle choices”

If you need advice, information or support regarding drugs and alcohol, or more information on the re-classification of cannabis, you can talk to FRANK on 0800 77 66 00. FRANK is a free national 24hour helpline available 7 days a week.