All the best things come in small packages

The funky youth magazine, Merton Sense, is following recent publishing trends by reducing to a more manageable pocket size. This doesn’t mean there’s any less between the covers though, as there are even more pages packed with informative, interesting and relevant features for the borough’s youth culture.

Produced quarterly, this is the third issue of Merton Sense. The editorial team meets weekly at Mitcham Library and consists of young people aged between 14 and 24. Although they receive some guidance from a retired BBC journalist, they are ultimately responsible for every single aspect of the production of the magazine, from photo editing to graphic design to budget management. In fact, this makes Merton Sense the country’s only youth magazine that is produced entirely by young people.

As usual, there’s something for everyone in the latest issue of Merton Sense. In addition to serial features on music, film, careers and sport, there are also special features based around the theme of Crime in the Community. The magazine also aims to be as interactive as possible, with competitions, Vox pops, and articles written by local youngsters. The team welcomes material from young people in Merton, and anyone interested should send their work to the team at Mitcham library.

Merton Sense is a joint initiative between Merton Library and Heritage Service and Merton Youth Service. Though funding is secured until the fourth issue, the team is currently seeking funding from outside agencies for the fifth and future issues.

The magazine is completely free, and available now in youth centres, libraries, schools and colleges across the borough.