What’s lurking in your shed?

With recent reports of burglaries from sheds and outbuildings, Merton Partnership Against Crime (MPAC) has issued advice to Merton residents on how to protect your property in the garden.

Make sure that you lock your shed. Use strong padlocks and locks, and fix padlock protectors to all padlocks. Replace exposed screws on hinges/locks with coach bolts.
Fit an alarm to your shed. These are cheap and easy to install and can be very effective.
Lay concrete on the floor of your shed so that you can chain cycles, mowers, ladders and tools to a strong anchorage point.
Security-mark the contents of your shed. Make a note of the serial numbers of any equipment. You may want to consider photographing valuable items.
Check that your insurance covers thefts from your shed or garden.
Fit an external security light that is activated by movement.
Make sure that you put tools and ladders away after use – a burglar could use your tools to break into your home.
Make sure you dispose of any old spray paint cans so they are not stolen and re-used for graffiti.

Caroline Ellis, MPAC Strategy Officer said: “If you follow this advice and remember to take as much care securing your shed or garage as much as you do your home, then you can help keep your property safe & sound.”

If your shed has been burgled report it to Merton police on 0208 947 1212. Visit http://www.merton.gov.uk for more information on crime prevention.