Radio link Success

The success of Merton’s Radio Link system is continuing, as it has played a crucial part in catching and detaining another shoplifter in Wimbledon.

Last month, staff at a Wimbledon store saw a man acting suspiciously and when they reviewed the CCTV tape the man was seen to be stealing items. The store used the Radio Link to circulate a description of the man.

Shortly afterwards Neil Robinson, the Neighbourhood Warden for Wimbledon, spotted the man entering another store and was able to alert staff. The Security staff at the first store met the warden and detained the suspect before calling the police via the Radio Link.

The man was arrested and has been charged with theft. He was bailed to appear at Wimbledon Magistrates Court later this month.

Merton Partnership Against Crime (MPAC) introduced the radio link scheme to Merton last year. The scheme allows businesses to communicate amongst themselves and monitor any potential shoplifters or anyone else acting suspiciously. The Police monitor the radios and are able to respond to requests for assistance. It is operating in Mitcham, Morden and Wimbledon town centres, and MPAC is currently looking into introducing it in other areas of Merton.

Rob Moran, Merton’s Head of Regeneration, said, “The Radio Link scheme is proving an excellent means of communication, helping local businesses, CCTV, Neighbourhood Wardens and the Police to work together to combat crime.

“The scheme not only acts as a deterrent against crime, but also boosts community spirit amongst traders and heightens staff awareness of crime. I hope this assures residents and visitors that Merton is a safe and sound place to shop.”

If you run a business in any part of the borough you can get further information on the Radio Link by calling 020 8545 4724.