Help Merton Council find a partner

Immediate Release
Item number 92/04

29 June 2004

Help Merton Council find a partner
Council tenants and leaseholders invited to help with partnering initiative

The search is on for council tenants and leaseholders to get involved in the process to decide who will be the new repairs and maintenance contractor.

Merton Council is seeking new contracts for the service that looks after day-to-day maintenance of council properties as well as major works such as external redecoration and improvements.

The new contracts will be based on Partnering. This is a relatively new form of contracting where the council will work in partnership with the successful contractors to ensure better quality works.

A key aspect of the contracts will be customer satisfaction. And it is to this end that the council is seeking a group of tenants and leaseholders to consult on what should be included in the new contract. The council will provide training workshops for interested residents who will then have be able to decide which areas of the project interest them most.

To find out more about this exciting new initiative, the council have organised an open evening to be held Thursday July 1st. There will be three sessions, one at 3pm, one at 5pm and one at 7pm and each session will include a presentation about the Partnering Contract Project.

The open evening is to be held at Merton Civic Centre in Committee Rooms B, C and D .

If you are unable to attend the open evening but still want to play a part in what should be included in the new contract and ensuring the right contractor is appointed, please feel free to contact John Marcus-Taylor, project officer for Partnering Contracts on 020 8545 3529