The Little Pirates

To celebrate the official opening of its newly refurbished nursery, Sue Evans, Merton’s Director of Education, visited Joseph Hood Primary School on Friday.

The nursery, which will be known as “The Little Pirates”, received a complete makeover during the summer holidays with an updating of the interior and improved facilities for both the children and adults who use it.

Headteacher, Anita Gunputh said “We are delighted with our new nursery unit, the whole environment has been greatly improved for our pupils. The children and parents were thrilled to come back in September to a brand new room with new furniture and new facilities. “

The highlight of the celebration for the children was the release of 183 tagged balloons for a balloon race; one for each child in the school. There will be a prize for the finder of the balloon that has travelled the furthest by Tuesday 30th November.


Attached- Photographs of new premises and balloon release.

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