What do you think?

Residents and businesses are being asked to give their views to Merton Council by Friday 4 February 2005, on the council’s four options for managing parking in The Causeway, Wimbledon Common.

The council has been looking at long-stay parking along The Causeway to see if they can make it easier for visitors to the Common to park there. Last summer the council asked for feedback on their original proposals to introduce pay and display parking bays on The Causeway. However the majority of respondents, including the Wimbledon Union of Residents Associations (WURA), said they did not want this and would prefer one-hour waiting restrictions.

As a result the council have changed the proposals to reflect these views. They are now asking for feedback on the following four options before a decision is made.
– Option one: one-hour parking restriction
A single yellow line will not allow parking for one hour in the morning between 9.30am and 10.30am Monday to Friday.
– Option two: two separate one-hour parking restrictions
A single yellow line will not allow parking for one hour in the morning (9.30am to 10.30am), and for one hour in the afternoon (2pm-3pm), Monday to Friday.
– Option three: two hours free parking, ‘no return’ within two hours
Visitors will be able to park for two hours but will not be allowed to return to park in the same parking area within two hours of leaving their space. This would operate from 8.30am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday.
– Option four: leave the Causeway as it is
Continue with free all-day parking for commuters and visitors.

The council has not yet decided which scheme will be put in place. They are currently distributing a questionnaire and a leaflet explaining the four options, to residents and businesses in the local area and the results of this feedback will help them to make a decision.

The questionnaire must be completed and returned (by freepost) to the council by Friday 4 February 2005. It is essential that only the official questionnaire be used to provide views.

Unfortunately the council cannot respond to all responses individually but they will consider all the feedback they receive. The results will be reported to a decision-making meeting on 16 March 2005. If option one, two or three is chosen the council will carry out formal consultation.


Claire Bartlett
Senior Press & PR Officer
London Borough of Merton
020 8545 3327