Raising awareness…not aerosols

Taggers in Merton best beware as Merton Council launches its second anti-graffiti week today, Monday 18 April.

Local parents are being asked to raise their awareness not an aerosol in this weeks campaign, which focuses on the responsibility that parents have in the battle against graffiti.

Tom Solan, Merton Council’s Assistant Graffiti Officer, said, “We really hope to increase parents awareness of graffiti with this campaign. Our aim is to get people to honestly ask themselves ‘is my child graffiting’ and to provide them with the tools to identify if their child is involved.’

Merton’s graffiti officers will promote the anti-graffiti message across the borough with the use of leaflets, one-on-ones and a stand and 6ft aerosol can in Merton Link at Merton Civic Centre.

For information and advice on any local graffiti issues please call 020 8545 4109 email graffiti.project@merton.gov.uk or look online at http://www.merton.gov.uk/environment/graffiti



§ This local youth certainly won’t carry the can for graffiting.
Notes to editor:
§ Last year Merton council cleaned approximately 30,000sq metres of graffiti, that is equivalent to seven football pitches.
§ Merton Council could buy 1,200 extra computers for schools every year if they did not have to clean graffiti.
§ If your child is caught writing graffiti they could be served with an ASBO, fined up to £2,500 or face up to 24 months imprisonment.


Elissa Middleton
Pr and Press Assistant
London Borough of Merton
020 8545 4093