Relish learning at Rutlish

A Raynes Park school has been pulling out all the stops to give their pupils the best possible learning experience.

Rulish School in Watery Lane is a firm believer that extra curricular activities are the key to a better education and has just completed two exiting events, which demonstrate its commitment to a wider learning experience.

The Merton school has just returned from successful trips to New York and Holland. Students visited the Big Apple as part of their art studies and were able to visit both he Guggenheim and the Museum of Modern Art.

An international football tour was the purpose of the trip to Holland. Rutlish teams played a number of matches against European opposition and won all their games. Trip organiser, Mike Irving said:

“It was a great opportunity for our boys to meet with other young people from other cultures and backgrounds. It shows that sport is a great way of improving understanding and friendship among people. The games were competitive and played in a spirit that made me proud to be their teacher.”


For further information and pictures, please contact David Grant, Deputy Head on 020 8542 1212 (extension 149)

Matt Rickard
PR & Press Officer
London Borough of Merton
020 8545 3483