Don’t Lose Your Bearings

Merton Council’s Safer Merton team is warning local residents that there has been a significant increase in thefts of Satellite Navigation units from cars in the borough.

Safer Merton is working on ways to tackle car crime, but is asking the public to help by following the crime prevention advice found below:
§ When parking your car remember to close the windows and sunroof, lock the door and activate any alarm system.
§ Always lock your car, even if you are only leaving it for a few minutes.
§ Remove your satellite navigation unit and take it with you.
§ Mark your unit by etching your vehicle identification number and postcode on to it or by using a UV marker.
§ Think about where you are parking, particularly at night. Park in a busy well lit area. This is important both for the safety of your car as well as your own personal safety when returning to it.

Safer Merton Strategy Officer Caroline Ellis advised, ‘Remember to take everything with you when you park, or lock your valuables including your satellite navigation unit in the boot. Do not leave your Satellite Navigation unit under the front seat as thieves know that this is a ‘hiding place’ that is often used.”

Councillor Russell Makin, Cabinet member for Regeneration, added “Most thieves are opportunists and leaving valuables in your car gives them that opportunity.’

Further crime prevention advice can be found at


Note to editor
Safer Merton is the local Crime and Drugs Reduction Partnership. Its partners include a range of agencies including the council and police who work together to reduce problems related to crime, anti-social behaviour and drug and alcohol misuse.