Merton’s Black History month reaches its finale

A series of community-based events took place over the weekend to mark the end of Merton’s Black History month celebrations.

Black History Month was adopted in the UK in the late 1980s as an inclusive, multicultural UK wide festival held in October to celebrate the achievements and contributions of the Black and Ethnic Minority communities of the UK.

South Mitcham Community Centre was at the centre of the weekend’s activity,
where proceedings kicked off on Saturday with the popular duo of Spud and Yam, who enthralled the children with their storytelling prowess.

In addition, there were performances and workshops, which gave kids the opportunity to interact in songs, music and stories, reflective of a rich, colourful and diverse culture.

There was also the opportunity to trace your ancestral roots at the ‘Build Your Family Tree Using The Internet’ session.

This offered people the chance to explore Black History websites to find out where they originated from, or to assist them in tracing a long lost relative.

The International Food Fayre on Sunday proved to be extremely popular, and judging by the number of people tucking in to the various culinary delights, it was obvious that many people opted not to cook on Sunday.

Other highlights included the ‘Share Sour Own Story Through Oral History’ and the ‘Unleash Your Creative Talents With Poetry’ workshops.

Merton Council leader, Councillor Andrew Judge said of this weekend’s events.

“Black History Month defines everything that is great and significant about modern Britain. Naturally, we’re extremely proud to be able to
hold events in Merton that promote diversity and equality.

It’s also wonderful to experience the vibrancy and colour that is allied with living in a multicultural community. I’m extremely happy that everyone concerned has made this a Black History Month not to forget.