St Ann’s search for new primary school site

Plans are afoot to find a separate location for children of primary school age from St Ann’s School in Morden.

St Ann’s School is a special purpose school for children and young adults aged between two to nineteen years old that have severe and complex learning difficulties. Ofsted (the Office for Standards in Education) recognised St Ann’s as ‘a very good school’, however to give them a real chance of progression, there is a clear need for a separate primary and secondary school. Unfortunately the current site is too small to accommodate an expansion of this stature.

Wimbledon Chase Primary School was an option that was considered owing to its extensive grounds but no decision to co-locate St Ann’s at Wimbledon Chase was taken and the search for a new site continues.

Merton’s Director of Children, Schools and Families said:

“At this present time, Merton Council are working in partnership with St Ann’s School, governors and parents to try and find a viable and alternative site for them to position a new primary school.

“We are currently undertaking a comprehensive assessment of a number of possible sites in the borough and we will be producing a report on the options for St Ann’s as soon as this open and transparent process has been completed.

“Merton Council and St Ann’s are committed to giving children with disabilities the same educational and life chances as other children in the borough. We look forward to providing some of our most vulnerable children with a new state of the art primary school.”