Violent Crime Falls in Mitcham And Wimbledon

Violent crime in both Mitcham and Wimbledon Town Centres has fallen dramatically in the wake of the new licensing laws, introduced across Britain on November 24 last year.

Safer Merton’s Data Analyst provided figures that showed Mitcham had recorded a significant drop in violent crime by registering a thirty three per cent reduction. Wimbledon Town Centre also recorded an equally impressive reduction of twenty nine per cent and this is all the more telling, given the Christmas period, a catalyst for the extra influx of people who visit the Wimbledon Town Centre area.

Merton’s crime figures follow hot on the heels of last week’s announcement by the Government that serious violent crime on a national level fell by 21 per cent in the last three months of 2005 in comparison to 2004. In addition the number of woundings fell by 14 per cent and the total for all violent crimes fell by 11 per cent.

The Alcohol Misuse Enforcement Campaign (AMEC) was the Government’s six-week campaign to curb alcohol related behaviour, in particular, people who sell alcohol to under age youths. Police and trading standards officers carried out more than six thousand test purchases, which resulted in thirty thousand offences and in excess of twenty five thousand arrests.

Richard Nash, Merton’s licensing manager said of Merton’s reduction in violent crime:

“The reduction in violent crime in Mitcham and Wimbledon Town Centres is a very encouraging start to the new licensing laws that were introduced in November last year. I hope that this is sustainable and we continue to witness further reductions in crime of a violent nature over the course of the year and beyond.”

Councillor Linda Kirby, Merton’s Chair of the Merton Community Police Consultative Group also spoke of her pleasure at the latest crime reduction figures:

“A reduction of thirty three per cent in violent crime in Mitcham is something in itself, so it gives me great satisfaction in saying that Wimbledon also registered a substantial reduction, namely twenty nine per cent. It’s fair to say that our new European style licensing laws are having the desired effect and long may it continue.”