Safer Merton moving ahead

Merton is now the third lowest crime borough in London behind Richmond and Harrow according to recent statistics compiled by the Home Office.

The borough has been declared the safest borough in its ‘family’, a term used by the Home Office to compare boroughs with similar demographics. It now also has the second lowest crime rate behind Richmond for the Home Office’s ten priority crimes, which include:

· Theft of motor vehicle
· Theft from motor vehicle
· Motor vehicle interference and tampering
· Burglary in a house/flat
· Theft of bicycles
· Theft from a person
· Criminal damage
· Wounding
· Common assault
· Robbery of personal property

Chief Superintendent Michael Wood, Borough Commander said:

“This is an excellent achievement for Merton and against rising crime rates across London. It shows the commitment of both the council and police officers and the determination of Safer Merton in tackling crime and social behaviour across the borough.”