What can we improve for you ?

Have you ever felt that certain services within Merton Council are not designed to meet your needs? What do think we should be focusing on to ensure a better quality of living for the people who live and work in Merton?

If the above questions strike a chord with you, then now is the time to speak up and let us know your opinions on how we can improve the provision of services currently on offer in Merton. It could be in relation to housing, leisure facilities, access to health services, public transport, recycling or even road safety. If you have a view on how your community could be improved, we would be only too pleased to hear from you.

During the summer months, Merton’s overview and scrutiny panels begin a series of reviews that will explore the issues that affect our local communities. The findings from this work, along with feedback from local people, will form the basis of how we look at improving our various services.

If you would like to submit your views, please contact Kate Martyn, Scrutiny Manager on 020 8545 3857 or email scrutiny@merton.gov.uk .

Suggestions should be submitted by the end of August 2006.