Facts and figures of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships

authorities in relation to any queries about Wimbledon Tennis Trade Marks.

All food outlets and bars are visited to ensure that correct price information is being given, and all the beer meters and spirit measures are tested to ensure that visitors receive a full measure.

Officers check for counterfeit goods in and around the ground throughout the Championship and in recent years there have been no counterfeiting problems in the Merton area due to our heavy presence. However, some problems have been experienced by neighbouring boroughs by traders selling counterfeit goods to the queues of people waiting for access to the ground.

This year, Officers will also be on duty in Wimbledon Town Centre and will focus their attention on areas frequented by visitors such as Wimbledon Station and bus queues.

Dog Warden

Merton Council’s Dog Warden patrols the car park created in nearby Wimbledon Park to make sure no owners have left their pets in the car without adequate ventilation, shade and water.

Ball boys and Ball girls

Ball boys and Ball girls are supplied from schools including those within Merton.

Tennis fun day

Merton Council organise a free tennis fun day of coaching, activities and skills practice for local children. This is done in partnership with The All England Club and the Lawn Tennis Association, who provide coaches, first aid and prizes for the event held on the middle Saturday of the tournament between 10am and 4pm.

Highlights of the day include visits from some of the Championship Players to the event as well as a visit by the Mayor of Merton. Attendance normally exceeds 500 youngsters, many of whom are gaining their first introduction to tennis. This provides an excellent photo opportunity.

Wimbledon Junior Tennis Initiative

The Wimbledon Junior Tennis Initiative (WJTI) is now in its 6th season and is part of a series of initiatives by The All England Club, aimed at developing interest in tennis for children.

Merton arranges school visits for the WJTI to go into all of Merton schools on a rotation basis. The WJTI, by sending a team of coaches into local schools every week, has put a racket into the hand, for the first time, of over 50,000 children in the London Boroughs of Wandsworth and Merton.

Up to 8 children from each school are invited to free coaching at The All England Club each Sat and Sun until they are 14 yrs old. If they show talent, they are invited to take part in WJTI squads for their age group after school on two afternoons a week. A further elite squad is selected