Keep Merton’s children safe this summer

With the summer now in full force, Safer Merton in partnership with Merton Police are issuing some basic safety tips on child safety for the benefit of parents, guardians and teachers.

Remind your child of the following:

· Always check with parents or a trusted adult before accepting anything from anyone, even someone you know.

· Always check with parents or the person in charge before going anywhere or getting into a car, even with someone you know.

· If a stranger tries to grab you, shout loudly “you’re not my mum/dad”.

· If a stranger approaches you in an inappropriate manner, ensure you tell a parent, grandparent, teacher or person in charge ASAP.

Important reminder to parents, guardians, teachers and grandparents:

· If a child informs you that they have been approached, followed or photographed by a stranger, please report this to Merton Police immediately on 020 8947 1212. Please offer as much relevant information to the police, such as a description of the person and where and when the child saw them

Councillor David Simpson, cabinet member for Partnerships and Community Safety said:

“It is particularly important for children, parents, teachers and guardians to follow these simple safety tips. In no way do we wish to alarm people, but the Safer Merton and Merton Police partnership wants children to enjoy the summer months, safe and free from any harm.”

For more information on Safer Merton, please visit: