Find out more about Workstep

If you know someone that has learning difficulties and would like to find work or develop in the current job they have, then please ask them to register with Merton Workstep.

Workstep is a supported employment programme aimed at disabled people facing the significant and complex barriers associated with finding and keeping a job. Workstep offers them the appropriate support so that they can work effectively and prosper in their respective occupations.

It is part of a broad range of programmes and schemes funded by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Jobcentre Plus manages the programmes, as an executive agency of the DWP, and delivers them through the London Borough of Merton and other public, private and not for profit sector organisations.

At present, there are 13 people registered with Workstep, which is a full compliment, however it’s possible that space may become available if any of the current members goes into unsupported employment or leaves

During 2004/2005 approximately 27,000 disabled people were supported through the programme by over 200 organisations. Supported employees on Workstep work either in jobs in the open labour market, via supported placements, or within supported businesses, established to employ disabled people.

Councillor Margaret Brierly, cabinet member for Health and Adult Social Services said:

“Support which enables disabled people to reach their full potential in the community is very important to me and I look forward to the continuing success of Workstep in Merton.”

To register with the Workstep programme or find out more information, please call 020 8545 3285.