New legislation for dry cleaners

Merton Council has identified 34 dry cleaning businesses using specific chemical solvents, which, according to new legislation, makes it compulsory for them to have special permits to operate.

These businesses are being targeted because they use certain harmful chemicals for cleaning clothes, e.g. Perchloroethylene, Hydrocarbon solvent, which are environmentally harmful and also hazardous to human health, making it important to reduce the amount of solvents used, to improve air quality.

The identified businesses have been visited by Environmental Health Officers and given application forms, which need to be returned to the Environmental Health Department. Advice will also be given on how to meet new law standards.

Dry cleaners must apply for this permit by October 31 2006. Dry cleaners who don’t apply or meet standards may be liable to prosecution, resulting in a fine or the revocation of the permit.

For more information, please contact Environmental Health on 0208 545 3025