Photocall: Clean-up day

What: Clean-up day
Where: High Path Estate
When: Thursday 15 March between 10am and 12pm

Thirty schoolchildren from Abbey Primary School will take part in a clean-up day on the High Path Estate.

Children aged 8-9 years old will put on protective clothing and gloves to help the graffiti team and Safer Merton remove graffiti and litter from around the area.

The Mayor of Merton, Councillor Geraldine Stanford, will be handing out goodie bags on the day to the children taking part. The bags will contain little torches, toy bugs, balloons and leaflets containing information on staying safe in Merton.

The Mayor said:

“This is a good opportunity for local school children to learn the importance of looking after their environment and to understand what actually goes into caring for Merton. I have been involved in these clean-ups with schools in my ward, and it has made a huge difference.

“Because the children have been involved in clearing up their neighbourhood, they keep an eye on it, and get very upset if anyone spoils it. Because of this early intervention, we hope they will grow into responsible young adults.”

Neighbourhood warden and event organiser Travis Hill said:

“It is important that the children develop good links with their community. I hope that this will promote good citizenship in the children.”