Older people enjoy home library visits

Older people enjoy excellent service from home library visits

Merton Council conducted its first comprehensive survey of the Home Visits Library Service users. The results published show a phenomenal satisfaction level with the service. Over 80% of clients view the HVLS as a lifeline and 99% are ‘very satisfied’ with a 100% satisfaction rate overall.

As some Merton residents are unable to get to a library due to physical difficulty or illness, the Home Visits Library Service brings the library to them.

Paul Burgoyne is one member of the Home Visits Library Service team. He visits eight clients a day on average, choosing and delivering 10 – 12 books per client based on their preferences.

Paul Burgoyne, Home Visits Library Officer said:
‘Delivering library books to our clients really makes a huge difference to the quality and enrichment of their lives. They’re always glad to see us each month and it’s always deeply rewarding to see a client’s face light up when we visit them with the types of books we know they enjoy reading.’

Mrs Irene Treble, 79, is one of the many satisfied customers.

Irene Treble said:
“I don’t know what I’d do without the service once a month. I really love living in this house but without visits from Paul, life wouldn’t be the same.”

Irene was prepared to go to great lengths to promote the service to other users. She said:
“I’ll stand outside with my placard!”

Councillor Maurice Groves, Cabinet Member for Community Services said:
“The Home Visits Library Service does an excellent job bringing the library to people in their homes.”

The Home Visits Library Service also posts talking books on CD and cassettes to users with visual impairments and offers a selection of books at nursing and residential homes, sheltered housing and some lunch clubs throughout Merton.

If you would like to join the Home Visits Library Service, please phone 020 8640 0468, or write to The Home Visits Library Service c/o Mitcham Library, London Road, Mitcham CR4 2YR.


Notes to editor:

Images are available on request.
The Home Visits Library Service delivers books to residents’ homes on a regular basis. The team speak to residents about the kind of books that they want and deliver the books to their home every 4 weeks. There are large print and ordinary print books available as well as community language books.
There are currently 150 HVLS users in the borough, 69% of users completed the survey.
Client satisfaction is exceptionally high, with 92 – 100% of users rating the service ‘very good’ for overall