Excellent Ofsted report for Ricards Lodge

Ricards Lodge High School in Wimbledon was in a celebratory mood last week after receiving an excellent Ofsted report from an inspection that took place in May.

The school was rated overall with a Grade 2 – Good (based on the Ofsted scale 1 – 4, where 1 is outstanding) and was highly praised in all areas of the inspection. Ofsted states that Ricards Lodge is a ‘good school with the potential to be an outstanding one’.

Ricards Lodge appointed a new Headteacher, Alison Jerrard, two years ago and the school has been making good progress ever since. Ofsted notes that ‘the excellent leadership of the headteacher has brought about significant improvements in the school due to a determined focus to develop learning and teaching’.

The school was also praised on the ‘outstanding provision for students’ personal development and well-being. Students feel secure and happy and take full advantage of everything the school has to offer’.

Under the subject of ‘Personal Development and Well-Being’, the school received the highest Grade 1 (outstanding) praising the students on being focused and motivated to learn and clearly enjoying their school and what it has to offer. Teachers were praised highly for understanding the learning needs of their students, setting challenging but realistic targets and having high expectations of all their students.

Headteacher, Alison Jerrard said:

“I am delighted with the findings from the inspection report and am proud of our students, staff, governors and parents who have all contributed to the success of Ricards Lodge. We are aiming high and it is our future aspiration to be judged overall as outstanding by the time of the next inspection, and Ofsted has stated that all evidence suggests that we are securely on the way to achieving this.”

Dave Hill, Director for Children, Schools and families said:

“We would like to congratulate Ricards Lodge pupils and Headteacher Alison Jerrad for achieving this overall rise in the Ofsted report. We are determined to ensure that such reports continue to rise so as to create better chances for young people in Merton.”

Councillor Oonagh Moulton, Cabinet member for School Standards and Youth Engagement said:
” This is reassuring to any parent that is contemplating options for secondary schools for their children. Merton Council is pleased with the Ofsted report and the very good progress that Ricards Lodge has made. It is our priority to raise standards further and ensure that schools continue to produce successful reports, ensuring that a sound education is poss